Friday, July 18, 2008

Qustion and Answers

1. What programming language is GOOGLE developed in?
2. What is the expansion of YAHOO?
3. What is the expansion of ADIDAS?
4. Expansion of Star as in Star TV Network?
5. What is expansion of "ICICI?"
6. What does "baker's dozen" signify?
7. The 1984-85 season. 2nd ODI between India and Pakistan at Sialkot-India 210/3 with Vengsarkar 94*. Match abandoned. Why?
8. Who is the only man to have written the National Anthems for twodifferent countries?
9. From what four word ex-pression does the word `goodbye` derive?
10. How was Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu better known?
11. Name the only other country to have got independence on Aug 15th?
12. Why was James Bond Associated with the Number 007?
13. Who faced the first ball in the first ever ..?
14.Which cricketer played for South Africa before it was banned frominternational cricket and later represented Zimbabwe ?
15. The faces of which four Presidents are carved at Mt.Rushmore?
16. Which is the only country that is surrounded from all sides byonly one country (other than Vatican )?
17. Which is the only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?


1. Google is written in Asynchronous java-script and XML, or itsacronym Ajax .
2. Yet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle
3. ADIDAS- All Day I Dream About Sports
4. Satellite Television Asian Region
5. Industrial credit and Investments Corporation of India
6. A bakers dozen consists of 13 items - 1 more than the items in anormal dozen
7. That match was abandoned after ppl heard the news of indira gandhibeing killed.
8. Rabindranath Tagore who wrote national anthem for two differentcountries one is our s National anthem and another one is forBangladesh-( Amar Sonar Bangla)
9. Goodbye comes from the ex-pression: god be with you.
10. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu is none other Mother Teresa.
11. South Korea .
12. Because 007 is the ISD code for Russia (or the USSR , as it wasknown during the cold war)
13. Geoffrey Boycott
14. John Traicos
15. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, andAbraham Lincoln
16. Lesotho surrounded from all sides by South Africa .
17. Polo.

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